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COVID : Precautions & Reciprocal agreements

In preparation for every new client, I maintain a strict quarantine. All of my groceries are either delivered or picked up curbside; I only venture outside for essential trips or work, and I always wear a mask while outside of my home or workplace. In addition to preventative strategies, I monitor my health daily with temperature checks and follow proper handwashing protocols.

Being immunocompromised, these precautions are not new for me. I am skilled at living a low-exposure lifestyle both for myself and the health and wellness of the families I support.

In return, I ask you to engage in the same precautions. During our time together, please minimize your household’s exposure by only taking essential trips, always wearing a mask when outside your home, and following proper handwashing techniques.

As challenging as these times are, with trust and communication we can create a safe environment for you to welcome your newborn into your family.

Thank you for allowing me to support you in this special time.

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